Saturday, May 24, 2014

Torsemide for Cats May Not Be Working for Cooper Today

Torsemide may not work for Cooper. He was fine yesterday at 8/15 but this a.m. he was at 12/15. Gave 1/4 Torsemide as directed at 8 a.m. but breathing increased. Was at 15/15 by 1. We have another dose before 2 p.m. but then I heard gurgles so we injected him with .3ml lasix. Cardio's on vacation but is able to text. She said the Tor dose and injection together should be fine and to wait to see how quickly it acts. It's been an hour and although he's used the litter box, I'm not sure it's easing the breathing. He may need the ER. Will let you know.

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