Friday, May 23, 2014

Katharine Hepburn Sees the Cardiologist

Katharine saw the cardiologist Thursday due to her vet hearing a gallop murmur. Today she has a normal murmur but no sign of heart disease. All measurements are normal. Murmur is stress induced. Mindful she is Myrna's sister, she will have annual echos unless other symptoms suddenly present-as they did with Cooper.  Her blood pressure was also normal at 120mmGh, systolioc. 

Katharine did begin to have diarrhea this morning. Turns out she has a fever of 103.5.
Katharine at the cardiologist

Katharine sleeping off the fever
The cardio called the vet to get an antibiotic for her so that I don't need to take her in. This may be a virus which gave Jimmy diarrhea. His antibiotic kicked in immediately and he's over it-although we will continue the med until gone. Not sure of cause and hope it doesn't spread to the others. 

As of Friday, Katharine is doing well on the antibiotic. 

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