Friday, May 16, 2014

Hyperthyroidism in Cats is a Concern

Link to an article about hyperthyroidism, which we believe Baby-our oldest female-might have.

From the Hyperthyroid link: "Many hyperthyroid cats are "wired" as if they were taking stimulants. They are overly restless or hyperactive, and they may be more cranky and aggressive." 

The problem with figuring out what's wrong with a cat: what cat isn't "wired"? AND it accurately describes Baby (both wired and cranky since a kitten) and Katharine (wired since a kitten and getting cranky recently.) Baby's now 9 and Katharine is 5. It was difficult telling if Baby wasn't feeling well. I thought it was funny (as in laughable) when I wanted to list as a symptom with the vet, that she's bitchier than usual. I guess I was right-if she's getting hyperthyroidism then her attitude could be getting worse.

She went to the vet again Tuesday, May 13, for an extensive thyroid panel test since last week's CBC/chem panel showed the T4 was up to 3 (high normal but it should be below 2.6.)  This test is sent to Michigan State Vet School lab for testing.  Because she's been run down this week since last week's vet visit, and had diarrhea over the weekend, they gave her sub q fluids (was dehydrated), vitamin B12 shot, and Metronidazole, an antibiotic pill taken daily for seven days. Last week, the vet prescribed Dasaquin which is added to her food once a day to help with her joints.  She doesn't like to jump up onto things any longer and the vet thought maybe she needed joint support.  But that may be contributing to not feeling well this week so we have stopped using it.  And because she had diarrhea, hasn't been eating as well, the vet also did a gastro panel which checks for pancreatitis and nutrition absorption.  This test was sent to Texas A&M lab. Both are due back next week.

Baby at the vet May 13

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