Friday, May 23, 2014

Baby's Thyroid Panel Test from Michigan State Results Back/ Could She Have Arthritis?

Last week, Baby's CBC/chem panel showed a T4 value of 3-high end of normal but vets prefer that it not be higher than 2.6.  We did a thyroid panel test and the results showed her T4 is 60 (reference range 10-55) but the other levels were normal: T3, free T3, free T4.

Her vet recommended we recheck blood in a couple of months to see if the T4 levels have increased. We could at some time begin anti-thyroid medications but that would be something she would be on for the rest of her life. Once begun, it cannot be stopped. The vet prefers to see a clear indication that the thyroid is increasing before putting a cat on meds.

We could also try a T3 suppression test to see how the thyroid level reacts.  It requires medication be given over a period of time, and given exactly every few hours and on time. A pre and post blood draw must be done. The post blood draw must be done within two hours of ending the cycle of meds.  Requires coordination with the vet and possible caging of the cat at the vet.

We also need to take xrays of her legs and spine to check for arthritis to rule that out as a cause of a decrease of her ability to jump up.

Also, the long term use of Buprenex as a pain reliever for symptoms due to idiopathic cystisis could also contribute to gastro, muscular, neuro issues and even elevate the thyroid level (seen in human patients.)

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