Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baby and Katharine to Vet Today to Check on Issues-Katharine Has a Change of Heart

Visited the vet today with Katharine Hepburn and Baby because they are not acting well.  They seem fine at vets'. Blood work was drawn and will come in tomorrow.  Xrays looked fine. Baby is having trouble jumping up so vet put her on Dasaquin-a joint supplement (the bone kind, not the weed kind.) The physical exam didn't show any physical difficulties. She is also urinating frequently and drinking a lot.  Blood work will show glucose and thyroid and other blood levels and will indicate if there are issues.  Katharine is eating a ton, drinking a lot, hissing. I'm worried about a change in thyroid as these might be signs of thyroid issues. She's Myrna Loy's sister. She has also-since last October when she was last in for a check-up-developed a galloping heart rhythm. A change in heart beat is usually a sign of heart disease. So, I called the cardiologist who sees Cooper later in May and they said to bring her in the same day.  If she does have heart disease it's better to get ahead of this than to let it creep up on us as it did with Cooper (who has heart trouble now due to moderator bands.) 


Katharine Hepburn

Lesson-any changes in a cat's behavior need to be checked by a vet. Even changes that appear minor-eats more, hisses more, drinks more-could possibly indicate trouble. And even if individual signs don't add up to any one thing, something-like the galloping heart rhythm-could be exposed by a checkup. And in this case it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

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