Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cooper Tuesday-Recovering from CHF But Breathing Rate is Still High

Cooper is perking up. He's more alert and eating more. He actually looks healthy again. We are giving tuna juice/kitten formula/homemade chicken broth (not mixed together but choosing 1 or 2 of them each time) by mouth 3-6 ml total with every meal and in between meals. He's eating some wet, and tuna, and kitten dry food at each meal. We feed him twice in the morning, at lunch, when my husband comes home, and in the evening, and at bedtime Not sure if the lasix is working enough. We've given extra at times but his breathing rate hasn't improved. It seemed better by Sunday but yesterday, Tuesday, it was about 14 in 15 seconds so around 60 per minute. If this were Myrna, that would be WAY too high. But he's up and about and the breathing isn't labored and it goes down to 12 and up to 14 when he's moving about. We see the cardiologist tomorrow so we'll see what she says then. It could be that he has no congestion but another issue.

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