Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Update on Myrna Loy's Breathing-Better Possibly If She Ever Decides to Stop Moving So That I Can Count

Myrna seems to be doing better this a.m. Gave her 10mg and 1/4 of a 12.5 mg (so about 13+mg overall) of lasix at 8:30 a.m. with the rest of her morning meds. Because she's difficult to get in the a.m., we have no way of getting her, monitoring her breathing, and then deciding what lasix dose she may need. The vet had given me guidelines of dosing lasix based on her breathing rate. So, that's why I gave her the lower dose of 13mg. We will monitor her breathing to see if she needs more. She seemed better today, even better than last night. Her breathing rate all night long was at 12. It's not that noticeable this morning so maybe it is finally lower. But we won't know until she rests but she's spent all morning up and about.

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