Saturday, February 1, 2014

February First and Myrna Having Breathing Difficulty-Due to Air Quality in the House?

Myrna is not breathing well this a.m. Was breathing fast at 15 beats per 15 seconds when normal for her is 8 per 15 secs. Gave meds at 9 a.m. of 10 mg of lasix and extra lasix for a total of 15mg.  After 30 min, there was no change.  I texted the cardiologist who said to inject her with .15 ml.   We did and we waited for an hour to see if there was any improvement.  After less than an hour, she used the litter box and seemed to perk up.   She became perky, alert, and wanted to play fetch with her mouse toy.  But we didn't let her since she was suppose to settle down so that I could count her breathing rate.  She never did and when she did sit, the rate still seemed high. She kept using the litter box every 30 minutes but the rate still was high.  

After a couple hours, she was less perky but still very alert and walking about and eating.  The cardiologist said to give Myrna the regular 10mg lunch med with 1/4 of a 12.5mg tablet of lasix that we have and to give the extra 1/4 of 12.5 along with the next two evening doses.   If she needs an injection again, it may be later this evening or tomorrow morning and again at .15.   If she continues to breathe fast, then maybe she will need to see the ER vet tomorrow. 

I believe the reason for this incident of congestion for Myrna is because I used polyurethane yesterday on a painting project. I had put her in a closed room on the second floor and the painted object was in the basement. I knew enough to keep her away from any fumes that would come up from the basement. After it dried for two hours, I put the object in a closed room and even put a towel under the door to keep fumes from escaping. The fumes in the basement quickly dissipated and all the items were put away. The fumes on the first floor were strong for a while but seemed to be gone by 8 p.m. when I let her come downstairs. Perhaps there was enough left to bother her which means she is even more sensitive to air quality than I first thought. Which means that this spring/summer will again be even trickier and more dangerous if she were to sit in opened windows for too long and breathe cool or even heavy/humid/cool air.

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