Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cooper Goes to MSU for Dental Surgery; Alls Not Well the Next Day

Our oldest male, Cooper, age 6, had dental surgery yesterday at MSU-Michigan State Vet School. The wonderful dental tech Jean (who's basically in charge of dentistry) took care of him. We thought he had two teeth to remove due to resorption (which isn't preventable with brushing which we do each week.) But he only had one tooth that he lost. The other had gingivitis. He also received a cleaning

Unfortunately, he hasn't calmed down, nor eaten since he got home yesterday afternoon. And he was NPO-without food-since 9 p.m. Sunday. So, assuming he needs an appetite stimulant and that by now he's probably dehydrated and in need of sub q fluids, he will see his vet later today. That is, if we can get him down from his hiding place up in the joists and boiler pipes in the basement. He won't come down on his own. He's been there since last night. We made the mistake of letting him out of the bedroom after a few hours of recuperating but actually he had only been hiding under the bed, too alert to sleep. He wasn't this bad last year when he went for a cleaning (to clean they also give anesthesia.) He bounced back the next day and was eating the night of the surgery.

Will update you later after
Cooper-a few months ago
he has seen his vet. 

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