Monday, November 18, 2013

Update on Being Organized for Cat Care

I love to be-and encourage you to be-very well organized when it comes to cat care for your HCM (and all) cats. There are so many meds, supplements, tools, etc. that to have them bouncing around in cupboards, drawers, counters and the frig is just too disorganized and costly time-wise for cat care. It would drive me nuts to be disorganized. Previously I've posted pictures of organizing tools (see Photos.) I've updated the tray we use in the frig. Too many tall containers began being jumbled and falling over in the frig and could no longer be contained in one small tray. I bought a taller box, put the smaller tray inside. The tall box keeps things from falling over, allows room for everything, and the small tray helps separate small items and even keeps some of the tall items separate and from falling over. Think about this for your frig-be it cat meds or other items. Take a look.

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