Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Myrna's Diarrhea Issue Returns This Week

Myrna's diarrhea has returned as of Sunday. Not sure the cause: gave Revolution to all cats this weekend (except to Myrna) so she could have licked it off a sibling; she licked a plate of grease Saturday night before we could stop her (from cheesy nachos but there was nothing else on the nachos); everything else has remained the same. So, we are cutting out anything that could disrupt her-fiber, a lot of wet food, COQ10-until she normalizes. It's not chronic, just once a day but it has continued to come out like a pudding blob.  Today there was improvement and it came out soft but formed.  Her cardiologist isn't concerned yet because blood was at end of stool (or at beginning but at the end of the blob) which is a sign of colitis and not a sign that there is an ulcer due to bleeding from Plavix or aspirin.   If a lot of blood does ever appear, then we must suspend one or both of those drugs, putting her at risk of developing more clots (and she's already had one form, break loose, and cause a heart attack.)  For now we will do what we can and if it continues, then we might need another antibiotic (which made things worse last time.) But one thing at a time.

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