Friday, September 20, 2013

Other Cats Get Sick with Urine Issues

For new readers, you'll find that while this is devoted mostly to Myrna and HCM, since we have other cats, we often have other cat issues. So, GOOD NEWS: Myrna seems to be doing well. BAD NEWS: Two others are not! So, vet visits in store. It's that time when I say "F***!" and redo the budget to avoid using Care Credit. (Which by the way, look into it, it's a God send but we use it only when the bill is about $1000 which typically is due to hospitalization or a lot of testing.) Bette Davis had high urine ph and keeps going out of the box-large amounts so it's not UTI which typically presents as small, frequent amounts. We have pH strips from the local pharmacy which we use against the pad or surface to test the urine. (Inexensive and good to have so think about having at home if need to know urine pH.) When this began on a regular basis early in September (she has idiopathic cystisis so this happens on occasion) we tested the urine and it was 7.2. Gave water by mouth, more buprenex, and Methigel (acidifier) but to no avail. Went to vet yesterday and urinalysis proved nothing is wrong and now pH is 6 (at home is 6.2). So, now is it just simply avoidance based on habit? Trying some new amino acid but it's expensive. Might need to try Valium for a while. Will give aminos a try this week and then reevaluate. Baby meanwhile, drinks a ton and has been this month, increasingly going smaller amounts. Last night, went three times (I was up with Myrna a lot and Baby decided to go also) and has gone twice this morning and smaller amounts. I had hoped it was just what it was but in the past she's been prone to UTI/crystals/idiopathic cystisis so better to take her in before it really gets bad. Of course I'm proactive and diligent and notice all the details but since I've been so focused on Myrna this summer, it's been difficult this summer to be as immediately proactive with the others as I've been with Myrna. More later.

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