Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blood and Urine Test Results Back for Baby and Bette and Vet Says No Problems but I Question What Results Mean

While the vet reported over the phone that Baby and Bette's urine and blood work were fine, now that I have the paperwork, I have questions. The vet isn't concerned, and as vets often do, says "continue to keep an eye on her" which to an owner is a tad meaningless without further specifics. Urinalysis and blood work combined give a complete picture, which is what the vet looks at for the overall health and for any concerns, while I look at individual results and question what they mean.

Baby's urine protein is 100++ and specific gravity is >1.040 which means she has more protein than is normal and adequate sg which means that kidneys are (according to online resources) only functioning adequately. How common is protein, why is it that high, and how common is "adequate"? Her vet said she's fine and not concerned, that it can be seen in cats from time to time. BUN is 29 and creatinine is 1.3, phos 4.3, bicarb 21 so all normal kidney blood levels which is why the vet is not concerned. No WBC out of range. But I'm concerned because Baby drinks a ton, goes more frequently than she used to, and smaller amounts (not nickel or dime size which indicates an issue but just smaller: 1/2 cup vs. 1/4 for example-not that we actually have measured it but we know she leaves smaller clumps of litter in the box.)

The only issue with Bette was the high CK at 1395 which can be the cause of stress and a blood draw process (normal 64-440.) But it can also indicate heart disease or kidney disease or other muscle issue/disease/inflammation since CK is released by damaged muscle tissue. Again the vet's not concerned. All other blood chemistry levels are normal. Urinalysis is only 30+ protein and spec. gravity at >1.040.

If you've had any experience with these values and know them to mean something or nothing, please let me know.

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