Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Two Days Without Clavamox and Lesions Return to Myrna; Possible Difficulty in Opening Mouth and Eating Dry Food

So, we stopped the Clavamox on Sunday because Myrna was getting to be too sick with diarrhea.  And she had developed a loss of appetite although she was eating dry food.  It took only one day without Clavamox and Myrna's diarrhea began to clear up. By Tuesday, she had much firmer stool.  Her appetite came back by Sunday night.  

But by Tuesday, yesterday, two red marks appeared on her skin; and she suddenly couldn't eat dry food without much difficulty and didn't like me touching the right side of her mouth.    Today, she let me brush her teeth but I don't think she can open her mouth as wide as she should. She is eating dry food with less difficulty but not with complete ease.    

The vet recommended seeing a dermatologist for the lesions which I'll keep in mind but I'm not willing to take her to yet another vet. For now, I want to see how she does. We're trying to think of possible causes, what has she had since June or July that could be contributing to the lesions. It's possible she's allergic to something then the injection/lasix/plastic syringes inflamed the skin. But why not the scruff? Why are lesions only appearing along the sides? Dilemma, dilemma. Better still, quandary, quandary.

The only things she's had since June are bananas, rice, fiber dry food, and fresh grown catnip.  We are going to stop giving her these for a few days and see what happens to the lesions.  Then, reintroduce them one at a time as you would if you had a possible allergy.

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