Monday, August 5, 2013

Stopping Clavamox Due to Diarrhea and No Longer Giving Proviable As It Wasn't Working

One day without Clavamox and Myrna has soft but firmer stool today (I know you all are so eager for those updates!) She urinated (and this one also...) twice overnight and first thing this a.m. so she's back to her normal schedule, whereas on Clavamox-not so much (system sent water to colon? How does that work? Anyone know?) She ate some wet food today for the first time in days. (Had been only dry.) I told cardio I'm stopping Clavamox as of Sunday and she agreed. Need to watch lesions to make sure they continue to heal. And she says to stop Proviable which isn't working and it makes Myrna gag. This past week, Myrna was getting so much medicine, mostly in the a.m. (my job of course!) She received 5 heart meds, Valium, potassium, Proviable pill, Proviable paste, and Clavamox. She put up with a lot. Let's hope lesions heal and breathing remains normal. At some point, we may need to return to injections but we're holding off all of August unless she needs it once in a while. Really need to heal those lesions first.

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