Sunday, August 4, 2013

Proviable and Cats and Diarrhea, Myrna Gagging and Foaming with Proviable

Myrna has been taking Proviable since Thursday but as of yesterday, not only has it not stopped the diarrhea but she now gags and foams when it is given. If we can mix it with enough wet food to coat it, we can get it down her with less gagging. She had really wet stool Saturday so I've stopped the Clavamox antibiotic as of today. She only had three doses left, anyway. We'll see how the lesions do without the antibiotic. She vomited up dinner last night and never used the litter box until noon today. I've not found any accidents. So, not sure what happened there unless all the water in her system is in her colon. Poor Myrna. The only good thing is that her breathing so far has been just fine these last two weeks.

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