Monday, August 19, 2013

Myrna's Stool Firmer After Stopping Antibiotics, Added Inulin Fiber and Forta Flora Back to Diet

In this week's episode of "Update on Myrna's Stool": Yes! I know you've been eagerly waiting for news-bated breath and all. Recap: she developed really loose stool when lasix was increased in June and then developed watery stool once on antibiotics in July for lesions. Probiotics of one sort or another and fiber sources did nothing. Bananas helped but we weren't sure if they were the cause of her lesions or not (allergy perhaps-we will test that theory once the lesions are healed.) Once off antibiotics, stool became less watery while still soft, gradually overtime becoming better formed while still very soft. Then we began to see an uptick in times when the stool was more solid than soft. She was gassy the other day (I know, such a pleasant topic of conversation) so I reintroduced inulin fiber just once a day in her food and that seems to have corrected the problem AND this weekend we began to see almost completely normal (firmer) stool. Yes, it is important that we take care of the gastro issues of our HCM cats as much as we monitor the heart and breathing. Diarrhea can be the result of meds or of an illness or of something they've eaten. The cause must be found and reduced. Rice, rice water, and bananas are good natural sources of fiber and usually with our other cats, have been reliable in clearing up diarrhea. But Myrna's issue had so many causes that I think stopping everything-extra water, inulin fiber, fiber food, probiotics, antibiotics, and rice/bananas, and aspirin (not her heart meds) and time has been the best method of healing. Gradually, we reintroduced Forta Flora (probiotic), fiber dry food, and now the inulin fiber. I continue to add 1ml of club soda to her food in the morning and for lunch and this continues to help reduce stomach acid that had begun to appear in June when we added extra lasix. Actually, it had begun to appear from time to time before June but was worse after the extra lasix. I knew she had stomach acid because she constantly smacked and licked her lips.

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