Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cats Cannot Take Kaopectate-Myrna Now Gets Proviable For Watery Stool with Blood

Do you know that cats can no longer take Kaopectate for diarrhea because it no longer (reformulated in '04) contains kaolinite and instead has bismuth subsalicylate (a form of aspirin) which cats cannot.   Also known as Pepto Bismol which cats cannot have either.   We are switching from Forta Flora to Proviable for Myrna which has kaolinite because she has watery stool with a touch of blood-colitis. BIG SIGH! 

On a good note-her bumps are decreasing in size and even the one the vet cleaned but did not remove the scab from is looking better.

You can find, however, kaolinite med online from pet meds suppliers.  We might try that if this doesn't work.

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