Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Myrna's Bumps Turn Ugly and Off to the ER We Go on Sunday

On Sunday, Myrna's bumps had multiplied to seven and some were pronounced.  She had a loss of appetite, also.  She also felt warm.  I took her to the ER on Sunday.  She had a fever of 103, up from 101 on Wednesday when she first saw the vet about the bumps.  The ER vet removed two sore scabs and shaved, cleaned and cultured them.  The sores were bleeding and oozing pus.  We will know the test results later this week. They switched her to Clavamox.  

By Monday, she was better and by Tuesday, she was eating much better.  Today, it's back to so-so: eating ok, maybe a bit run down but no fever.  Her stool is loose probably from the antibiotics.  She had two bumps that were very pronounced on the left side, one of which she ripped off the scab with hair.   We cut the hair off from around it and the one next to it which felt rather large.  It looks ugly but the scab isn't ready to come up.  If I can get her to the vet again today, I'll have them clip and clean it.  The other bumps seem to be either decreasing in size or are at least not raising up and getting ugly.  

Here's how she looked after the ER clipped and cleaned the first two bumps. 

Vets think it's an allergic reaction to the use of plastic, or the lasix.  Until the pathology results come back, we won't know if it's localized or if maybe something else is going on that led to the reaction.  Nothing else showed up in the blood work.

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