Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jimmy's Prozac Needs Adjusting for Urine Retention Again and Myrna Has Issues Using the Litter Box

Jimmy Stewart, Myrna's brother (non-HCM cat) is on Prozac for litter box use and anxiety. He usually goes in the box once every 8-12 hrs which is fine. His bladder isn't enlarged and doesn't seem to be uncomfortable for him. He often goes when we do the litter box/treat routine which is always around the time we think it's time for him to go. Often, he uses the box on his own. But this past month, he seems to be showing signs of not going more than once a day. Sometimes, it turned out he had gone but smaller amounts than normal and sooner than expected. But not in the past week. In the last few days, he seems to only go once in 24 hrs and by the end, has such a large bladder that he seems uncomfortable. There's not been enough activity in the late afternoon/evenings to account for him although we could be wrong. But we know last night he had a bladder and did not go by dinner or after; didn't go at bedtime; didn't go overnight when I was up with Myrna; finally went on his own at 6 a.m. He sat in the box for about a minute and urinated a lake.

What's wrong? Urine retention can lead to UTIs, and for males, blocked urethas that lead to much pain and needed surgery. It can also stretch the bladder making it difficult to hold urine.

I'm going to decrease the Prozac to .115 for a few days to see if there's a change. Problem could be that he has accidents if he can't adapt to the lower meds but needs them to fight anxiety. Will need to keep a close eye on him and on his going.

And Myrna went out of the box on Saturday night unto the pads that cover the washer and dryer. We were late taking her to the litter box and should have known better, knowing it was about time for her to go. But it was about 9 p.m. and she was watching out the window when the window was opened, doing what she loves best which is watching the wildlife and bugs. Why disturb her? Well, now I know why. Why she targets the washer/dryer we don't know. Used to happen all the time and we eventually got it down to once in a blue moon and Valium helped among behavioral techniques.
Jimmy Stewart

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