Friday, April 12, 2013

Three Little Kitties Went to the Vet Thursday-Oh My!

Three cats went to the vet yesterday: Cooper for a two month check-up on his blood and urine due to hypercalcemia;  Baby due to Wednesday's BM issue; and the vet called Wed. when I called in a renewal for a script to say it had been 6 months since they had seen Bette Davis and she had to be seen before they could renew the script.  Luckily, my husband was already taking in Cooper so I went along to handle the other two (although I'd like to point out that there has been a couple occasions when I've taken in three at the same time by myself but women are much more organized and hardier than men-but I digress.)

Cooper's blood work we'll know about later today.  Bette's fine and got the renewal (it was a physical and a urine test only.)  However, she has a lesion on her tooth-a.k.a. resorption-she is losing a tooth.  This is what Baby had last fall and the reason she went to MSU (MI State Univ. Vet school)  in December for a dental cleaning and to have a tooth removed.  So, I will make an appointment for Bette and for Cooper since he's due for a cleaning and has a lot of tartar on his teeth.

Baby on the other hand, not only got a physical but had to have her anal glands emptied and had to have her rear end checked out for impacted material.  Both glands were impacted and one was emptied and the other was injected with something to break up the material.  Since her urine test was clean and she didn't need a broad spectrum antibiotic like Clavamox for an UTI, she was given a shot of Convenia which is a 10-14 day antibiotic, given just in case the glands are infected or will become infected-something they can't test?  She's to return in 2 weeks to see if the other gland has emptied.  Her bm issue is a form of constipation-bits and pieces sometimes, twisted sometimes, normal sometimes, but a few times something gets stuck coming out the anus which means she smears it all over herself and the floor (or the chair the other night) trying to remove it.  Last summer and fall it had a lot of hair in it and became like plugs that we had to pull out of her (talk about a mess!)  We had been giving her fiber but had to stop that and began using Laxatone daily and Forta Flora, the vet assuming Laxatone would help her pass and digest the hair and the Forta Flora would provide probiotics to help the digestive track.  That worked except lately.  It all seems to suggest she is now dehydrated or not enough water is in the colon which does correspond to lately she has had smaller urine output (although the frequency has not increased to suggest an UTI or illness.)   So, now she's on-in addition to the other two-Miralax-which should act as a stool softener.  1/8 of a tsp over the entire day so over three meals is the suggestion.   We'll see how it all goes. Only time will tell.  She was not happy at the vet; screamed the entire time; came home grumpy as hell. We gave her a large .2 dose of Buprenex when we got home and more in the evening and again this morning.  For some reason, she seems to blame me. She was lovey-dovey with my husband but not me. Of course she blames me-I was the one in the room.  Big Sigh.
Baby-looking like an owl AND a pussycat!

And Myrna?  Doing well I believe.  She has needed one extra dose of lasix earlier in the week but none since.  We'll see if this is a pattern or just an irregular occurrence.

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