Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Over a Week and Myrna Doesn't Need Extra Lasix So Far

Well, while anything can dramatically change at any time, I'd like to report that it's been over a week since Myrna Loy needed extra lasix last Friday, after spending the previous two weeks needing it every three days. Not sure why or what but I'm sure she did and now I'm sure she doesn't. She's breathing very well-down 28 to 32 instead of around 40 breathing rate; she's engaged, energetic, alert and not exhausted and out of it.   In order to know how our cats feel physically and how they are doing, we must become attuned with their emotions, looks on their faces, actions, physical stamina, etc. in order to gage even the subtle changes from not just day to day but moment to moment.

Of course I love analyzing Myrna's every move which drives my husband crazy: Me-"I don't think the cat (insert cat name here) is feeling well. See how she's sitting/didn't eat all her lunch/see how she furors her brow/she's not playing with her favorite toy today." Husband: THEY'RE NOT SICK!

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