Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Evening of Issues-Urine, BM, and Vomit-Oh My!

Suddenly, an evening full of issues: one cat that has a constipation problem which we thought we solved (soft but solid bm gets stuck on it's way out) at some point from 6-8 wiped loose bm all over a chair to get it off; one cat-and we think it's Myrna-urinated against the basement concrete wall, something she's not done in just about a year on Valium; and poor Myrna's vomited four times in the last hour-hairballs with food and then with water. We hope she's done. Cleaned the chair but it will need a new seat (it's a small chair thankfully); will give Myrna Methigel an acidifier, and more water in case she has an irritation. Will watch to see if she needs to see the vet. And will give water by mouth to make up for what she has lost as well as give her some Laxatone again.

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