Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Using Gel Caps to Pill a Cat

Someone recently suggested we use gel caps to pill Myrna. We've had no problems pilling Myrna directly with each of her 7 pills she takes in the a.m. We've only had problems getting her to come to us in the a.m. (She's fine at lunch and p.m. for whatever reason.) So, I never saw a benefit to using them. But I did pick some up at the pharmacy and I've tried them from time to time. Two weeks ago, I began using one in the a.m. (one fits 3 pills.) Now I'm using two gel caps. The two fit up to five pills. That leaves me pilling her only 4 times instead of 7. We're using the #4 gel cap, a small one, as #3 is too large for her to swallow comfortably. While 4 pills are still close to 7, it cuts down on the number of times I'm putting something in her mouth, and decreases the likely hood of her spitting one of them out (which she was doing from time to time and sometimes when we were not looking.) So, THANKS! I'm concerned that the gel cap delays the lasix from hitting her system and I'll have to ask the vet about that. I could always have that be one pill I put in her mouth and not in the gel cap. But aside from that concern, and the extra few seconds it takes to pill a gel cap, I really like using them. So, again, THANKS!

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