Saturday, February 23, 2013

Items to Have on Hand for Cat Cleaning and Healthcare

These are just some items that if you have a cat, you might want to have them on hand to clean a cat, medicate a cat, give water to a cat, and provide healing for cuts and scratches.

Douxo antiseptic pads. From the vet for about $15 or better still Amazon for only about $9. Handy for chin acne, cuts on face (not eyes or mouth), areas where hair is missing (scratched ears for example). Cures almost everything. 

Other items include fragrance/alcohol free baby wipes; kitten shampoo; flexible tip thermometer with probe covers and Vaseline; Douxo pads; medicine syringe; eye dropper (to dispense water by mouth); 3 cc syringe-dispense meds, or water by mouth.

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