Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simple Ways to Organize Items You Use for Your Cats

Feeling overwhelmed with meds and supplies for your HCM and other cats?  Use containers and trays to be better organized. Creates easier access to daily used items.  Creates space and deletes clutter. Makes you feel less stressed and better able to take care of your HCM cat (and other cats as well.)

This week I bought the lidded tray to hold items not used daily. The tray above holds  the daily supplements. The tray to the right holds Myrna's daily meds.

The cupboard held trays with cat supplies and it was overflowing. I bought the stackable tray to hold items not needed daily. Vertical storage contained items better and created space in the cupboard.

The one large tray in the cupboard holds items needed daily like a brush and clippers and larger items.

The tray in the frig holds refrigerated meds and supplements.

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