Sunday, December 9, 2012

Two Cats to MSU Last Week

Baby and Myrna went to Michigan State Vet School on Tuesday, Baby for teeth cleaning and Myrna to check her renal values and function.  It was quite a day for all of us. I was up at 3:30 a.m. to get ready, then get the cats fed and medicated, and then to quietly move unsuspecting Baby and Myrna into the small bedroom so that when the time came, they could be much easier corralled into their carriers. It worked like a charm. We left at 7 a.m. What was usually an hour’s drive became an hour and a half due to torrential rain.  Our first appointment was at 8:30 and we arrived at 8:30.  But I had two carriers and two bags to carry inside so we were going to be a tad bit late. Luckily, the parking is in front of the door.  I took them both in with litter box and a bag packed as if on vacation: litter for both; pads we use around their litter boxes (bed lining hospital type pads), shampoo, wipes, food, towels, washcloths-all in case they urinated in the carriers or at the vets. 

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