Sunday, December 9, 2012

Myrna to MSU for Renal Values/Kidney Function Tests

Last week, Myrna was at Michigan State Vet School for a check on renal values/kidney function.  I checked Myrna in with Internal Med.  Myrna’s appointment was at 9:30 and we were there by 8:50 but they took us right away.  And it turned out that the med student, Amanda, assigned to Myrna, was the one who assisted with Cooper last June.  So, it was nice to have a friendly face to talk to about Myrna’s history.  Again, since MSU needs a history, I had written up Myrna’s entire health history along with a list of medications, amount, and timing of administration.

Eventually, the doctor came in and I again reviewed her history and my concerns.  The concerns were that she was drinking a lot of water and urinating much more frequently, starting about September, than ever before, and that her specific gravity had fallen from 1.030 to 1.006 which is not suppose to be a good sign of kidney function.  Myrna is at risk of developing renal failure because of the effect of her heart disease on her body as well as the drugs that she takes for her heart-lasix, enalapril, aspirin, etc.  We discussed the types of tests I wanted to have done: Glomular Filtration Rate (GFR) test, blood pH, UPC-urine, protein, creatinine test, and a scan.  They would also do a urinalysis and gather a blood gas, from which they would also do a partial CBC/chem panel blood screen. 

If no protein presents in the urine, there is no need for a UPC, a test to determine how much protein is present. Neither protein, glucose, blood, crystals, etc. should be present in the urine.  Anything in the urine indicates an illness/disease in the body or a malfunction of the kidneys. It depends, of course, what is found and what else appears in the blood work.  Eventually, no protein was found in the urine so they did not do a UPC test on Myrna.

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