Monday, December 10, 2012

More On Results of Baby's Dental Work

Baby's always been an angry puss.  She bites, swipes, claws, screams whenever angry. It was much worse seven years ago when she first came to us. On a rare occasion, when angry, she has a tendency to urinate out of the box-in cardboard boxes, the recycling bin (which I had to place inside a tub with a lid to prevent her from using it), on bedding, inside whatever is available.  I mention this because she had, since fall, begun to do this many times. When a urine test proved negative, we thought it was idiopathic cystitis flaring up so we put her on Buprenex on a daily basis but she had lately, gone out of the box a few times. We now believe that these latest out of the box issues can be attributed to the discomfort and pain from her teeth.  Conventional wisdom says that cats only associate the litter box with going to the bathroom  pain and not other pains.  But what if any other pain distracts them from the litter box or dissuades them from using it especially if a cat, like Baby, uses going out of the box as a way to express her anger?

And Baby is so much more energetic and playful after the dental visit to MSU. Unfortunately, she'll probably lose more teeth and we can't prevent that.  We can only take care of it as soon as it occurs. And now that we understand the level of discomfort she felt by how she displayed her pain and had a lack of energy, we will take care of her teeth as soon as signs of resorption appear. 

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