Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Update on Cooper and Valium

Update on Cooper and Valium: He was great Saturday and Sunday, ate like a hog, a bit full of energy before calming down. But Monday a.m. after his meds, he didn't eat much and was tired and sluggish and in a daze all day. After his evening med, he was totally zonky. He curled up on our bed to sleep and didn't move out of the way when I crawled into bed. He stayed until my husband had to move him t
o get into bed. At this point, I decided to cut back his meds and start him on an even lower dose. We were dosing 1/2 of 1mg BID. Now we're doing 1/4 a day or 1/8 BID. He was better today, still sleepy and not eating a lot but not zonky. I'm doubtful and will be surprised if this works better for him than Buprenex. But we'll give it time as long as there are no worsening symptoms and his blood work in a couple weeks proves fine. Meanwhile, we'll retest Katharine's blood next week for her over the top ALT level of 197 to see if it's still high. Last July it was normal at 43. Retesting is step one. If still high, other blood tests, scan, xrays, etc. I guess.

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