Saturday, November 17, 2012

Solve Cat's Diahrea Naturally-Rice or Bananas

Does your cat ever get diahrea? One of ours did the other day and I couldn't figure out why. She wasn't ill, hadn't eaten anything as far as I knew. It wasn't happening continuously, just first thing and again later. These things can happen to our pets just as they do to us. And the best way to solve it is the natural way-rice and rice water. I boiled rice and added extra water so that the rice
didn't soak up all the water. I drained the water. I put them into separate containers. I mixed in rice with her wet food and gave 3ccs of rice water every two hours. Cleared up the problem. If she had continued being ill, then I would have gone to the vet. And if it happens again soon, then I will go. But for now, the natural way of rice worked very well. You can also try bananas. You can mash up a banana in the cat's food.

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