Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prevent Clots in Legs-Thrombosis-By Understanding Condition of Cat's Legs/Paws Now While Healthy

HCM cats are prone to clots forming in the heart and settling in the legs, usually the back legs but front legs can also be affected. This is a serious and often deadly occurance. Blood thinning meds to prevent clots like aspirin and Plavix should be given to HCM cats. But even then, a clot can form. Catching it in time might be key. A pet owner should get to know the condition of their cat's le
gs and paws now while presumably healthy. Are the legs and paws warm? Are the pads-assuming they are normally pink and not already naturally dark-a healthy shade of pink or coral? Are the nail beds-gently squeeze the paws to make the nails stick out-a healthy pink? These are the three tests owners can perform from time to time to check to see what is the condition of their cat's paws. If the paws seem cold, if the nails are a pale shade of pink when normally vibrant, or worse, if the nail beds have become dark-these are indications that a clot or thrombosis has settled in the legs and the cat must see the vet or ER immediately. Even if the cat doesn't seem to be in pain, the cat must see the vet NOW. A thrombosis is life threatening. It can lead to loss of leg use but it can also lead to death. Discuss possible treatment methods with your vet now to understand what might be needed. Unfortunately, a clot often leads to death. But prevention with meds, knowledge of what to look for, and a timely discovery might help save a cat.

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