Tuesday, November 20, 2012

HCM and Renal Disease and Tests

Since HCM cats take meds that might stress the kidneys-lasix, enalapril, etc.-we're always testing and watching kidney values and such. But did you know that BUN and creatinine levels only indicate kidney disease once the cat has lost about 60% of it's function (with exceptions such as BUN being off but creatinine being normal-and I'm sure there are others)? If the cat, such as Myrna, is presenting with frequent drinking and urination (polydipsia polyuria) it could be due to the heart meds. But if there's an increase in such activity, it could point to renal issues. Aside from urine and CBC/chem panel tests, a glomural fitration test and blood PH and possibly other blood tests and a scan, might be needed. So, Wednesday first of December, she and I will head to MSU-Michigan State Univ. Vet College-to have Myrna tested for these and whatever else MSU recommends. She is now going 2-3 hrs. Granted, she could possibly have been doing this for the last couple of years but since she was going out of the box frequently in late '10, early '11, we thought it was anxiety. Once on valium, she went 3-4 hrs. Since Sept, it's been 2-3, and recently it's been about 2 hrs. Her blood and urine were normal in October. We had them retested yesterday and will know results later today. We will hopefully have a fuller picture after next Wednesday. If she's normal, we can handle 2 hrs goings. I say handle because she needs us to treat and praise her most of the time, especially me in the middle of the night. What was once a night, is now three.

And Baby goes to MSU Wed. to see the wonderful dental tech Jean who is dream to work with.

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