Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby Update-Box Use, Teeth Issues, Etc.

Baby Updates:

Last week, Baby went to the vet for an annual checkup and to have her urine retested after the September visit for going out of the litter box which showed she had blood in the urine but no other indication of crystals or a UTI.  There was no cause given other than behavioral for her problem. 

After a few days of Buprenex at .15 BID (twice a day) she began to use the box without fail.  We also gave her water by mouth-3ccs at three times a day and added water in her food and fed her only wet food. 

She has also had issues with constipation/loose stool that didn’t want to come out completely (not to be too gross or too detailed about it-let’s just say it left a mess when she walked away from the box.)  So, we gave her Laxatone and Forta Flora. Laxatone is great for hairballs which she is prone to having since she has long, fluffy fur.  Forta Flora introduces good probiotics into the digestive system.  Since there was no cause that could be found for any digestion/colon issues, we didn’t do a scan since the blood work was normal. But if this continues we might need to do a scan.  She’s negative for worms, and the stool sample didn’t reveal anything abnormal at the time except for the amount of hair in it that hadn’t been digested in the colon-hair shouldn’t come out in strands in a bm.

The physical at that time, revealed that Baby had lost a tooth and was losing another one to resorption-when the tooth disappears into the gum and is gone, disintegrates.  I think it’s possible that the pain caused by her teeth-and the doctor said the teeth that are being resorbed would be painful-may have caused her enough pain to not use the litter box.  But who knows for sure and she can’t tell us.

After her check-up last week, she had no more blood in the urine.  She has had no issues with passing stool. She has used her litter box without any accidents (actually we should refer to them as on purposes out of the box-OPOB or OPOOTB or simply OP-what acronym would work best?)  But instead of needing dental surgery to remove a second tooth that was disappearing, it had already left her body. 

So, Baby will need a dental cleaning and xrays soon to see if other teeth are going to disappear.  We will keep up the water by mouth, in the food, the Forta Flora, the Laxatone, and the Buprenex.  Her blood work is normal for all glucose, calcium, electrolytes, BUN, creatinine, etc.

I also wonder and I can’t find an answer do cats need fluoride?  We have been giving them bottled water since last winter because our tap water has too much chlorine (you can smell it.)  Maybe without fluoride, the resorption was hastened. So, now I mix bottled and some tap into each water bowl.  Just in case.


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