Monday, September 3, 2012

Vets Discus Vetmedin

There's a drug called Vetmedin, otherwise known as pimobendan, that some doctors-mostly overseas-prescribe to HCM cats.  Here are some links about the medication. Originally prescribed for dogs and then for congestive heart failure brought on not by HCM but by dilated cardiomyopathy.  I don't use it but many others do.  Here are the same links I had posted in July to the Facebook page "Cats with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy."


  1. Hello Friend,

    Thanks for your reference will very helpful for me...I have a cat suffering also suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy...but I need more information, so please update more stuff thank you.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I'm working on updating the blog after Christmas. I realized there's no one place to read what Myrna takes. These following meds (other than Valium) is what you should consider for your cat: Myrna Loy is on 1/4 once a day, Plavix-blood thinner, therefore prevents clots, thinner blood is easier for the heart to circulate; 1/4 a day atenolol-beta blocker-slows heart rate, lowers bp, helps heart not work so hard; 1/2 tab x2 a day enalapril-ACE inhibitor-keeps veins opened, aids in reducing sodium retention and therefore fluids, and thereby lowers bp; 10mg x4 day of lasix-diuretic-fluid reducer, therefore also aids in lowering bp,helps heart by having less to circulate, prevent congestive heart failure and aids in getting rid of fluid if the cat develops CHF (your cat should be on 5 mg twice a day or more if needed but a daily dose is usually necessary); 1/4 x2 day spironolactone-diuretic and potassium saver-potassium necessary for body and especially kidneys;1/4 isosorbide-which helps increase oxygen and blood to the heart but also redistributes the load from the heart (this one is difficult to explain and she was put on it in June to reduce the load (per the cardio) to help ease her congestion which was a problem in June. Your cat may not yet need this.) This she receives once at bedtime. Then she's on 100mg x2 a day of Nature Made COQ10-we mix into food, and Sundown 2 of 525 mg potassium that I cut up and give her over four times a day, and a balanced vitamin paste Nutri Paw she receives once a day. She gets Valium four times a day for a total of almost 2 mg for anxiety and litter box use which your cat may not need.

    1. Thanks for your kind reply...Please give me your facebook page link...


  3. Mike, I just added a Note to the Facebook page-do you read the page? Close to the title of the blog. And added this information to the blog's "Meds" tab/page.