Monday, September 3, 2012

Update Cooper's Blood Work-Hypercalcemia

This posting is rather late.  Cooper's first blood draw at MSU was in June and we had it retested in late July and these are the results:

It's been about six weeks since Cooper's last blood draw and testing at Michigan State Vet School for the hpercalcemia issue that affects him.  As a reminder, hypercalcemia is very dangerous and can lead to death because of the way it affects the kidneys and the heart specifically and the rest of the body's functioning ability in general.  He also had zero phosphorous and a zero PTH parathyroid hormone level. If the PTH remains zero while the calcium is high, then it may be due to the hypercalc telling the body it doesn't need any PTH and not due to cancer or disease.

As of August, his PTH remains at zero which, while he needs a PTH level that is normal, since the calcium is still high, that it hasn't moved at all indicates that the cause of his calcium is idiopathic-no cause-and not due to disease.  However, we still need to find ways to bring down the calcium.

His blood ion calcium was 180 and normal is 140. His calcium was down a bit from 13.7 to 12.8 which is good. His glucose is still abnormally high at 197-and norm is 150. But since his urine glucose at home is normal, they believe the blood glucose is high due to stress. And he's a very stressed out cat at the vet's.  His phosphorous was up from 1.3 to 3.5.  That's better than having it too low because if it was too low, he could develop anemia which would bring on a new set of health issues and concerns.

We have continued and done very well with giving 3ccs of water in his wet food and 3ccs of water by mouth three times a day. We have been giving him Excel vitamin paste once a day.  We discontinued the magnesium and potassium in July and that may be, along with more water in his system to help excrete calcium, why his calcium has shifted down a bit and the phosphorous has increased a bit.

However, he stopped eating the high fiber diet w/d after a week and we continue to struggle getting him to eat more than 1 oz. of food per meal. Sometimes, we are lucky and he will eat a 3 oz. can in one setting. But mostly, we've decided to feed him in between meals when he asks.  That has helped him maintain his 11 lb. and 4 oz large frame.  Today, he actually weighed 11.8, an increase of 4 oz. in the last two weeks.


We will have his blood retested at the beginning of September to see how he is doing. If things stay the same or improve, we may not need to try other drugs like steroids yet. If they get worse, then we will need to try other drugs.  

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