Monday, September 24, 2012

And Now Bette Davis

I took Bette Davis to the vet last week because she was going out of the box. She has idiopathic cystisis for which she takes Buprenex and water by mouth.  All of my usual tricks for managing her issue failed: no dry food, no Fancy Feast and only SO, and a reduction of treats, and an increase in Buprenex.  So, off to the vet we went to make sure she wasn't sick.  She's fine of course.  She had no glucose, crystals, blood, or bacteria in her urine. Blood work and temp, etc. all normal. So, that must mean that it's behavioral or her cystisis could be bothering her but a lack of blood in the urine means that it's not flared up really enough to be detected.  The vet suggested a psychotrophic but I'm hesitant.  Her weight is up to 10 lbs from a low of 9.12 last spring.  We increased the Buprenex last week from .15 q12 to .2 in the a.m.; .15 at lunch; and .2 at dinner.  After a few days it seems to be helping.  Perhaps if we bring down her weight we can also reduce the Buprenex.  Perhaps her weight is causing stress.  Perhaps the weather changes to a colder temp is causing stress on her system.  Can't be sure.  For now, aside from the increase in Buprenex, we make sure she only eats SO with little dry CD and few treats.

Bette Davis
So, that makes a total of three cats-Bette, Baby, Cooper-with bladder issues, two of which saw the vet last week because they were going out of the box.  And I cannot find a correlation as of yet.

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