Monday, September 24, 2012

A Cat Loses a Tooth Despite Brushing

In our house, just as one cat does well another one get sick. Last week, Baby, our seven year old cat, began going out of the box on a daily basis. So, off to the vet. No bacteria, no crystals but there is blood. And what else? She has resorption-teeth loss. She's lost one molar and is losing another. This despite twice weekly teeth brushing. 

Resorption is difficult to describe but it's when the tooth disintegrates and is reabsorbed into the gums and covered up by the gums. If the root remains, she'll need a root canal. The tooth that is disappearing will need to be removed. She had good teeth until recently. Very little tartar on the teeth. We don't know how this developed so quickly. She'll go back next week for a retest of urine and we'll schedule dental surgery at that time. For now, Clavamox 1 ml q 12; 3 ccs of H2O by mouth with each meal; Buprenex pain killer .15 ml q12. And she's eating CD or SO wet food and dry food. No Fancy Feast or other food for awhile due to the bladder issue.

Here's a link to feline dental resorptions, teeth loss that Baby is experiencing. We will need to have all the cats' teeth reexamined to see if anyone else is having the same issue. I checked and there may be one or two others but it's diff
icult to tell for sure. The only thing they all have in commons is that they drink bottled water because our water had too much chlorine. They weren't drinking enough water last year when I switched them to bottled. Could it be that cats need tap water with fluoride after all? Now I've decided to mix bottled and tap in their bowls and give tap by mouth when giving it with meds and to those who need extra water by mouth.

A picture from the Feline Dental website of a bad tooth similar to Baby's

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