Friday, June 8, 2012

Hypercalcemia Cat to MSU Thursday

I took our hypercalcemia cat Cooper, to Michigan State Vet school yesterday to try to solve the problem. Hypercalc can indicate cancer, parathyroid issues, or be idiopathic. Even if idiopathic, it can cause blockage to kidneys and damage the heart and other tissues. The phosphorus can be high or low and cause issues and other values might be off and cause issues. So far-but we'll know more next week when the parathyroid test comes back-blood work "normal" even if still has hypercalc; hypercalc not so high that it causes immediate concerns; glucose turned out normal even though very high every time it was taken this past year. They believe it's just stress related and at MSU, he had been there for two hours before the blood was drawn so he may have calmed down more than when he's quickly in and out of his vet's office. But the urinalysis will tell us if there is glucose-and we'll know that later today. While he's lost over a pound this past year, he's not malnourished nor too thin. All other vitals normal, well hydrated, good responses, etc. were seen. Palpation of body revealed organs felt normal; xrays and ultrasound of chest/bladder and kidneys showed all is normal-no lumps or masses, no extreme signs of inflammation (which can be hard to see unless it's extreme), and no calcification of organs from the hypercalc. Next step-if parathyroid is affected, will need surgery; if not then need to better manage calcium and will discuss diet and supplements with the vet. So, more on that later. I will post more info when I get the CBC/chem panel results and when the PTH test returns.

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