Friday, January 13, 2012

Valium and HCM-Solving 80% of the Issue?

Another week of Valium for Myrna for inappropriate elimination.  True to form, anything works for a week-and then stops working as well.  1/16 a day of Valium helped her go perfectly. Then after about a week, she had accidents overnight. No problem, we'll just give her a bit more in the evening. That was followed by another week of perfect days and nights. Then this week, accidents day or night. Ah, well.

Cat chain-Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, and Myrna Loy (far right)
I'm going to try to do more research on how people respond to Valium and about human patients who have HCM or other heart diseases. I want to know if they have pain or discomfort or issues with the meds she is on. I want to try to get a sense of how she feels.  Of course, humans don't have litterbox issues. But I need to understand her more.  I'll let you know what I find.

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