Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Week with Valium and All's Well So Far

Myrna sitting on Jimmy and cuddling
Myrna's been on Valium a week now and is doing well. She receives 1/16 once a day of a 2 mg pill so approx. .25 mg. I might take it up to twice a day or give her a bit of a 1/16 at night. She goes on a pad overnight as well as uses a box when she's downstairs over night. But when sleeping upstairs with us over night, she uses the box. She uses the box during the day although we still monitor and coax her to see if she needs to go after every few hours. But she's much calmer in general. We must monitor closely for hypotension-a drop in blood pressure-due to her other meds and Valium interaction-although at such a low rate this should be rare. But one never knows so best to start slow and monitor.

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