Friday, January 13, 2012

Organizing for Cat Care

Narrow, neat tray of refrigerated supplements
I've written before about being well organized when taking care of our HCM cats. It's a necessity.  Getting meds together, getting them fed and medicated, and putting things away takes time.  When you need to fish around for things, when things are flopping around in the frig, when pill bottles begin to take over the cabinet space, creates a lot of frustration. Being organized can speed things up and cut down on frustration.  You'll have more time to take care of your cat.

Find whatever you need, use whatever you already have, to help you get things organized and collected into easy to use containers, easier to access items.  Here are my examples: I have two trays of supplements and pills that fit neatly into the cabinet. I have a tray of items on the counter which I use two or three times a day. And I have a tray of items in the frig. I just pull out the tray and there it all is in one easy step-one easy step times three of course.  And there are two larger trays in another cabinet not pictured that hold the brushes and cat wipes and Revolution, etc. that all the cats need.

Only you know what are your needs and what works best for you. So, look around, figure it out, and get organized for easier cat care!

A ceramic tray that was sitting around unused that now holds syringes, pill boxes, etc.
Two trays which fit in the cabinet and which hold supplements

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