Friday, December 30, 2011

Valium and HCM-So Far, So Good

I'm giving Myrna Loy 1/16 of a 2 mg tab of Valium once a day since Wednesday (she received 1/6 of a half tab Tuesday.) So far, so good. She was a bit confused and a bit wired Tuesday night but since then, she has settled down-no agitation or confusion; and she's using her box without prompting. We are still doing treat training, bathroom break times, and watching her. We still need to work with here-never just rely on meds alone to work. Plus, we need to monitor her for any negative interactions and need to monitor in the future to see if we need to titrate up the Valium.  But she's much calmer in many respects-she doesn't run from me when it's time to take her heart meds; she's not anxious in general. I hadn't fully appreciated just how anxious she has been in general in the last few months (since Spring really-when we first noticed she was going out of the box.)  So, so far, so good.

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