Thursday, October 13, 2011

Myrna Has Crystals

Myrna Loy
Well, just when things are fine, they're not again. Not her heart but Myrna's not been using the box the last few days-pads only; then suddenly sprayed Tues. Off to vet Wed for urinalysis and blood work. This time-unlike last spring when she was marking/going out of box-it's something tangible: crystals. So, more wet than dry food; more CD or SO or Max Cat than Fancy Feast. Only issue with blood work is the AST-liver enzyme-is slightly elevated to 67 (from last month's normal.) Retest in 2 wks. We've also been taking her to the box every 3 hrs which actually works. Bought Cat Attract and she's used it.  In the past we have found that Cat Attract is good but found that when the cats are used to it, they stopped using it along with the other litters when they were sick.  I guess it's not that Cat Attract is better but that it's "new" to a sick cat who does not associate pain with it as they do the litters they had been using until they were sick.  The same thing can happen to boxes-a certain box that they use might be associated with pain upon urination but a new or different placed or size box does not have that association so the cat will go in it. That is what we have seen with our idiopathic cystisis cats or any time a cat has had a UTI.  Try it the next time your cat is going out of the box-try new litters like wheat or Cat Attract if not already using them; try empty plastic boxes; or relocate other boxes with the new litter.  Let me know what you found.

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