Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Busy Week This Week with Vet Visits

Just an  update on our cats:

Myrna Loy is doing great. Bounced back from two weeks ago CHF; taking Buprenex as a pain med. Keeping her calm and cool.

Elizabeth Taylor keeps getting hit with idiopathic cystitis. We had her on Gabapentin last week because we were running out of Buprenex and were in the middle of getting it compounded into a transdermal version.  I was saving the oral Buprenex for Myrna.  The first two days Elizabeth was on Gab, she was fine. I administered .40 ml. She slept but wasn't out cold as she was two weeks ago when I gave what was prescribed-.60.  On .40 she ate well; responded to touch, was alert, and did sleep some. But by the third day, she seemed cranky and in pain. By the fourth day, she was just not happy. When she came off the med, she seemed to crash-not sleeping crash, but I'm angry and not feeling well crash. By the fifth day-and I had to wean her off so by the third night I reduced her med-she just seemed miserable. Her check-up was yesterday. She was in such a foul mood that she hissed, growled vehemently, swatted, and then finally bit me on the arm while I held her or moved her from the carrier!!  That is just not my Lizzie! She's a sweet girl. She never bites me for any reason.  Last night, we did not give her a dose of Gab and today she's doing so much better!! She's calm, she's her old gentle self.  We will start her on the transdermal Buprenex on Thursday or Friday.  Gabapentin is a seizure med and it might work well for those patients, but doctors also use it for neuro pain. I don't know what Gab is suppose to do but it's not good for solving pain. The side effects are too costly.

Cooper's hypercalcemia is coming down slowly with fiber, magnesium and potassium supplements. We also give extra water and extra protein source (all from various human websites that say this might help.)

Jimmy after playing in the closet on the rolled up rug.
We can't tell what level of Prozac works for Jimmy.  I had him at .110 and then .109 to see how low he could go. But we still had out of the box issues-but not all attributed to him. What we do know is that we haven't seen him go or evidence of him going. So, this week he's up to .112.  He seems much more relaxed and engaged and playful. But still, we can't see evidence of him using a box. But I can't find any out of the box issues, also. Just where is his urine? 

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