Friday, May 6, 2011

HCM and Prozac

Well, apparently Myrna Loy has developed inappropriate elimination issues and may need to be put on Prozac.  She had issues early in April and went to the vet for a possible UTI April 13. She didn't have a UTI but was constipated (colon was full and pushing on bladder.) Vet assumed she was uncomfortable and until she passed the stool, she would continue to avoid the litter box.

At that time, we put her on Buprenex  .15 q 12 for a couple of weeks and gave fish oil twice a day (a few drops) in her food. The constipation and the inappropriate elimination seemed to clear up eventually. 

But lately, she has begun spraying and we don't know why.  She isn't constipated nor does she have a UTI. She sprays when she's angry and dry sprays even after using a box. We have begun behavioral treatment (treats and food around places where she sprays; more activity, etc.)  Unlike her brother, who has mental anxiety issues (and needed Prozac as well as training) she doesn't exhibit the same level of anxiety and behavior that he did.  However, something is causing her behavior. 

For now, we will administer Buprenex .15 q 12 for a few days and then taper off.  We will think about Prozac. I consulted with her cardiologist Dr. DeSana who said that Prozac isn't contraindicated with HCM and heart medications and she has patients who are on it.  She has not heard of a study that shows a correlation between heart disease and how a cat physically feels and the development of inappropriate elimination/spraying.  It could be that she's not feeling well. We have an appointment in two weeks with Dr. DeSana. We will know more then. If she does not seem better, then I will move up the cardiology appointment to rule out her heart condition worsening as a possible cause for IE.

As for Jimmy who is on Prozac, he still has his issues. He's about 85%-90% good on Prozac. If we put him on .1, it's too little. If we put him on .115 or higher, it's too much for his bladder which begins to swell.  The key is .11 but even then he has issues. Just today he urinated in the laundry room sink after we were in the basement with the litter boxes first thing this morning and after he had treat time (we call it bathroom break treat time and give treats near litterboxes. It usually prompts him to go.)

All I can do is pray that God will heal anxiety, heart, and bladder issues as well as take over the situation and guide me. 

Oh, and clean. Lots of cleaning.

Myrna Loy
Jimmy Stewart (on top of our yet to be installed microwave)

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