Friday, April 15, 2011

HCM Cats Can Have Multiple Health Issues

Myrna Loy relieved to be home from the vet's.
Well, with a spat of bladder issues involving two other cats, we weren't sure what was happening when Myrna Loy seemed to have the same infection. She uncharacteristically went out of the box the other night. She did it again the next day. I gave her water by mouth to help flush out what bacteria might be in her system and took her to the vet. Turned out that she did not have a UTI or bladder infection but was, for whatever reason, a bit backed up on the back end. Her colon had gas and stool that was pressing down on her bladder. We could see that in the x-rays. Well, a rectal exam later and some much needed fish oil helped her to eventually be relieved of the symptoms and she eventually returned to her litterbox without fail. We are giving her 3 ccs of water by mouth twice a day and fish oil in her food three times a day for a couple of days to help the colon move things along.

Because of the HCM, we must be careful with the amount of additional water she receives. And any discomfort in the rest of her body could cause her HCM to cause stress on the heart.  As with HCM patients, all health issues must be dealt with quickly to prevent stress-although quite frankly, having a rectal exam and being at the vet's for a couple of hours and being poked to have urine with drawn was very stressful but she came through it like a champ.

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