Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prozac Catnation Update

Just to update re:Jimmy Stewart and Prozac: we upped meds to 1.1 ml of compounded formula.
So far, no out of box incidents. He goes 2-3 times a day. BUT-his bladder isn't engorged, enlarged and he doesn't seem uncomfortable while waiting for his normal size bladder to elmininate. His attitude is good. He's not anxious after two weeks on 1.1 or after three on Prozac. He is sometimes playful, sometimes cuddly, sometimes he sleeps, which seems on par with the other cats.

So, so far so good-lower amount of liquid Prozac seems to work for him, so far, so good.

And Myrna Loy, the HCM cat, seems to be doing as well as always.

There is a frequent Facebook page reader who could use some information and encouragement if you go to that page and find her "comments".

Myrna Loy watching t.v.
 Thank you all.

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