Saturday, July 8, 2017

Whisker Fatigue is a Thing That Prevents Cats from Eating

Cat not eating? Could be whisker fatigue?? We already use mostly saucers so ours shouldn't have fatigue. But who knows.
"As soon as she replaced Moon’s dish with a wide, shallow one that did not have rims or sides that brushed against his sensitive whiskers, both Moon and her other cat, Rupert, were much happier at mealtimes. Their chin acne, another common problem in cats, also cleared up...Whisker fatigue is a fairly new diagnosis, one that many (but not all) veterinarians take seriously. When cats have to stick their faces into deep bowls and their whiskers rub up against the sides, the experience can be stressful, prompting them to paw the food onto the floor, fight with other cats or grow apprehensive at mealtimes...(a type of bowl discussed) They are made of stainless steel, which — unlike plastic — will not harbor the bacteria that can lead to chin acne...“that repeated stress isn’t giving the cat any additional information.” He added, “We don’t want them to have associations of stress while eating.”...Often, a regular plate will work just fine as an antidote to whisker fatigue, according to many cat owners."

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