Saturday, July 8, 2017

Katharine Sees the Cardiologist and Baby Loses Her Voice

For whatever reason, Baby has somewhat lost her voice. For the past two weeks, she has occasionally squeaked or cried out a croak. Then last weekend, I thought it was permanent. I monitored her this week and found it was constant. Yesterday, she saw the vet. Nothing is wrong with her mouth or throat that they can see. In order to see anything further down into her throat or see her vocal cords, requires anesthesia and a scope. The vet believes that would be the next step if what she prescribed does not work. Her general health appeared fine upon exam. There was some upper airway noises (upper airway is not considered CHF.) But she is breathing well and eating so the assumption is that there is nothing stuck in the throat. For now, the vet is going on the assumption she has an infection-viral or bacterial-and prescribed twice a day doxycycline, an antibiotic in liquid form. Did she make any sounds at the vet? No, of course not. Not when I turned her on her back; not when I played with her tail; and not when I rubbed her tummy. She did shoot me looks that said "I'll get you later." So, once we were home and I removed her from the crate to give her the antibiotic, she croaked as loudly as possible in defiance. Then she bit me and drew blood. Sigh.

Katharine saw the cardiologist for her annual check-up on Thursday and she is perfectly fine. No changes from last year. She has had a murmur; and she's Myrna's sister. But so far, so good. No heart disease in any of the siblings.

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